T D Cartage & Excavating FAQ - 613.223.3193

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions T D Cartage & Excavating receives regarding snow removal in the greater Ottawa area. We hope that you find them helpful, and encourage you to give us a call if you would like more information or if your question is not covered on this page.

What should I consider when hiring a snow removal business?

Snow removal businesses in Ottawa will offer different pricing options, contracts, and use a variety of snow removal equipment. What you should be considering when hiring a snow removal company for your residential or commercial property is whether or not the company is able to meet your needs and your budget. Make sure the company you hire does not specify a 'snow cap' in your contract, meaning that they will only remove so much snow in the season for their base price. You should also ask them how soon they will clear your snowed-in area – a lot of Ottawa snow removal businesses will wait until the storm is over, and only come once a day. T D Cartage & Excavating guarantees all its Ottawa customers that they will remove snow as soon as it reaches (# of cms), and come back throughout the day if the storm does not abate. You should also ask the snow removal company if they offer de-icing services, whether they will clear a path to commercial dumpsters and ensure that all walkways and entry ways will be kept clean and free of snow.

What will you do if there are cars in the driveway / parking lot when your snow removal crew comes around?

Vehicles parked in your drive or parking lot might limit the amount of snow that T D Cartage & Excavating will be able to clear, but it by no means prevents us from doing our best to remove as much snow as possible. What our snow removal team will do if your driveway or parking lot is obstructed is remove as much snow as possible around the vehicles so that you or your tenants have easy and safe access to their cars when they are ready to move them. Our snow removal team will make note of any property that was not entirely cleared of snow because of obstructions and will return later in the day to remove any snow left over once the vehicles have been moved.

Do you work around the clock, and on holidays?

T D Cartage & Excavating guarantees that your property will be taken care of, day or night, throughout the holidays, and in most any weather condition. Our snow removal teams will not rest until they are satisfied that every single one of our customers, residential as well as commercial, have clean, safe and snow-free driveways, parking lots, walkways and stairs. We also offer emergency response services, ensuring that no one is stranded should you need to leave your home or work place in a hurry.